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The Turtleminator (Amiga)


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You are a Turtle and your job is to collect Eggs while you shoot down various enemies, such as Snakes and Penguins

Each level will give you a Brief Summary at the beginning telling you what you must do to complete it, in the same style as Cannon Fodder does

You use your Mouse to move your Turtle around, while Left Mouse will Shoot, Right Mouse will throw a Grenade, Spacebar Activates the Selected Item shown on the bottom of the screen, selectable by F1,F2 etc

You have a protective shell which will deflect bullets, ideal if you are ambushed

There are also Land Mines and Dynamite in some levels which can be useful to get past blockages in the levels

If you leave the Main Menu on, it will show a Demo after a brief wait

The Game has Terminator-style music all over it, and the in-game Sound Effects are also Great, and the Graphical Quality and Level Design is also pretty darn Great as well, making this Game a decent all rounder, and fun to play

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