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Keystone Kapers Remake (c64)


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While many of you had the chance to play the stonkingly good Atari to C64 conversion of Chopper Command by Antonio Savona, Steven Day, Saul Cross and Flemming Martins which was released only recently. It looks as if we will have another game to enjoy in their conversion line up, because as of this weekend we've learnt they are also working on a full Atari to C64 conversion of the 1983 game 'Keystone Kapers' by Activision.

Although a Keystone Kapers clone can also be played called Rent A Cop, which is a high quality game developed by Achim Volkers and released for the C64. This upcoming game aims to be as close as possible to the original, while also being fully enjoyable on the C64. In regards to the gameplay however, you have a set time limit and must stop a thief at all costs from raiding a department store before he escapes from the roof above... Beware of hazards such as footballs and shopping carts, and make use of lifts and escalators!

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