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mediafire Judge Dredd Redux (Hack)

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Judge Dredd Redux (08 Feb 2022)

A well translated movie-to-game adaptations, Judge Dredd is a solid action shooting game where you play Judge Dredd and your fight against the criminal uprising by a rogue leader Judge Rico in Metro City.


It does not play like a side scrolling gun-n-run shooter but actually involves maze-like exploration with different missions like destroying ammo storage, locking down prison doors. Nobody is above the law, You are the law so you can capture enemies and sent them to prison or sentenced them to death. You get weapons and powerups from objects pickup or drop from criminals and destroyed objects.

A   - Shoot
B   - Jump
C   - Cycle Weapons
X   - Kick an Punch
Y  -  Sent Criminals to Prison

Judge Dredd is a solid action game with good graphics, fast action, and some interesting twists with very difficult bosses. This is where the hack comes in.

This patch is designed to empower Judge Dredd and reduce his  difficulties when it deal with the bosses. For the start, you get more weapons and ammunition. You can also jump higher to reach out of place items.
Game saving with SRAM is implemented(Load by pressing B on booting game)

The levels are large and intricate and conducting different mission tasks probably save this game. If you like shooting games with a little adventure. This is probably your cup of tea.

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