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Moonstone (Converted) (CD32)


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If you've got an Amiga CD32 then prepare to have your jaw dropped, as we've just heard from our good friend Earok that a beta version of the incredible and most famous Amiga hack n slasher of all time ' Moonstone ' has been made available for the Amiga CD32. This game which lives on in the hearts of many was first released on the Amiga by Mindscape way back in 1991 as Moonstone : A Hard Days Knight. It was and still is a very gory game and one that if you have in your collection fetches a high price!

In this fantastic game with cover by Steve, and JOTD for the updated CD32Load. You take on the role of a knight who is sent by the druids to return the mystical 'moonstone' to Stonehenge. But beware this wont be easy as you'll have to prepare yourself for one of the bloodiest games on the Amiga, as throughout your search you'll come across strange beasts and even a mighty dragon that if you fail to defeat will have you ending up being smashed into a pulp, ripped in half, eaten or spiked through the chest! Can you be the greatest knight and return the mystical "moonstone" ?

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