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mediafire Ultimate Gargoyles (Hack)

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Ultimate Gargoyles (27 Jul 2021)

An action platformer game based on a tvshow where you control Goliath, the leader of the Manhattan Gargoyles and You need to defeat Demona who is in possession of an evil magical talisman, the Eye of Odin.

In this game Goliath have many moves like double jumping, roll charging and diving in mid air. You can also get many powerups like shields (invulnerable), axe (one hit kills) chalice,goblets and totems (health and extra live).


Ultimate Gargoyles is a massive balance patch to the game.  It is actually 2 patches in one.
The hack features a stronger Goliath that delivers more damage and enemies and bosses have lesses health and deal less damage,
SRAM allows game saves at each level.

Although I have never progress far in this game, this game has that inviting dark atmosphere which is quite enjoyable.

Have fun.

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