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I'm very pleased to finally bring this game to Dreamcast. Most versions I came across simply would not work, but this one does and does flawlessly. Well, actually the intros a bit wabbly but it's just the cracktro/intro. The actual game plays great.


I heavily doctored the cover art but I did miss some of the wear in the bottom right on the physical cover this is a picture of. My bad.


Another one of those games I'd rate as one of the best ever produced for the Amiga. Looks, sounds, and plays wonderfully.


Do not be fooled by my screenshots. It's really hard to take a screenshot when heaps of enemies are coming at you in a shooter. It's not that those screens were empty so much as I killed everything before I hit the capture button. It's very fun and can be a challenge for even seasoned shooter fans. Takes inspiration from R-Type and Gradius. Obviously the bug aesthetic brings a certain level of originality to it as well.


This is the hidden content, please

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