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mega Tearaway Thomas [ Amiga CD32 ]


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image.png.c578e9aa7457bd7de0496cee0f1a7a35.png image.png.973bc88940a6f380c4761624f07f4c1d.png image.png.5234ebb236a8faedb88e89f4012b83c9.png 



A friend of mine asked me if I could find this convert. I didn't realize cd32.co.uk went down, it is a little bit difficult to find these days. Lucky for youse I've made it easy. 

There's no cracktro here, no hacks or anything. It's just Tearaway in iso/cue format to run on CD32. Plays fine in PUAE on Retroarch. Loads faster than an ADF skipping the boot sequence like it's an LHA. It does have superior music to LHA versions and comes with a music player if you just want to hear the sweet miggy tunes.  IMO these CD32 converts are the best way to play Amiga titles.

Reckon I'll have a look inside to see how these converts work and make some myself. I was pretty impressed. I've always skipped the converts in favor of LHA WHLoad stuff but this is just as convenient to boot and play with much better sound so....reckon I'm a CD32 fanboy now. :lol: even though I own an 040 not a CD32.


Lastly, if you don't know Thomas just give it a go. It's in my top five Amiga games.


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