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mega Barbarian+


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image.png.8a2c089c0e941aec7002689b76cf7901.png  image.png.7ed41aa4a304195aa0abdc6cf45d005b.png  image.png.6ef60cd1e0c38f30be07ce6e30c2a89d.pngimage.png.f4de47df68c9e53f3cda81daca4760b6.png  image.png.5fe2d7bc0e01e117e620d60ffee5e5ba.png  image.png.80d2ce526843fec66af9af927797807d.png


Tested in PUAE - Retroarch


If you don't know Barbarian you're missing out. Probably the best fighting game before Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat took over. Chop off heads, kill a wizard, save a girl.

+ has improved graphics and sounds....I don't remember female barbs, dragons, or kobolds in the original but it has been a while so maybe. I hear there's a music enabled version but I've yet to find it. I found this while working on another project and figured may as well share it. I'll see if I can port to DC by-n-by.

If you're new to the game, controls are a bit dated but mess around a while and you'll get them down. You don't have to chop heads off....but you know you want to.


This is the hidden content, please


Oh :lol: after more than a year here, I've finally figured out how to make proper thumbnails. If you click those screenshots they'll get much larger.


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