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Create Your Own ICONs/Bubbles (for RetroArch)


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[fade]Tutorial Located At The Bottom Of The Page[/fade]

If you've ever tried changing your icon/bubble pictures on your own, you would have soon found out that it isn't as easy as you thought. The pictures wouldn't all show sometimes or the vpk will become corrupt. The tutorial I've included just explains the dimensions and sizes needed but not the color palettes. In some cases your pictures will all be the correct sizes but the colors in your image won't be supported by the vita and it will show up white. This is a good thing though because at least your vpk installed, now you just need to alter the colors of *that picture until it works.,

iL b updating this forum with all retro vpks pre made in the near fututre

[highlight=yellow]included are 3 pre made vpks[/highlight]




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TUTORIAL[/b] :techie-studyingbrown:

*Make sure your Images have the correct dimensions icon0 - 128 x 128 | startup - 280 x 158 | bg - 840 x 500

*Make sure your sizes are around these ranges icon0 - 5kb-20kb |startup no bigger than 100kb |bg no bigger than 220kb

[highlight=yellow]Don't worry use this program to shrink your png's w/o losing the quality of your photos[/highlight]

This is the hidden content, please
(tinypng.com is good too)

repack into whatever vpk you're using. then install the vpk with vitashell and it will work cheerz :D

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