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Sonic The Hedgehog - Episode 1 - Heads or Tails

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C47E7ECC.0.png.d416092c4a04df5d1764baf2be89e7ed.png  C47E7ECC.1.png.976133ef53f110198f3b4eddb0fa73f0.png  C47E7ECC.4.png.0e20c97e0bdf585704ad4223bde4498c.png



This is the full episode.

Slowly working my way up in file size to see how much space is need for conversions. I'm always working with like 3 gigs of space because I'm lazy about dumping to hard drives. You need about 3x as much space as the file size to port a video onto Dreamcast, so, I'm not doing any full movies quite yet.

I'll make a disc per episode and finish the series by-n-by as I'm inclined but for a while this will probably be my last video disc I produce. It takes quite a lot of time and the larger the video the more space I need to clear out. Which takes time from game port. I think games are mostly what y'all want from me. That said, like anything else if you've a request I'll get on it. To me only old stuff should be ported. 90s animation looks like 90s animation on a DC, black and white era movies look good, anything in between is fine too, but newer films and such nonsense I probably won't port unless asked to because new hd stuff looks worse than old stuff when it's downgraded like it is old stuff. I'm not sure why 4k brought to 480 looks worse than 480, but it does. Probably lighting and whatnot.


This is the hidden content, please

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