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[Request] Princess Gardening; Repair-chan's Repair Strategy; Dracula's Castle for Genesis


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I'm not sure that is full version? I mean size isn't super tiny but the CRC32 doesn't match information I came across elsewhere...

Maybe it is full rom but just different revision? idk


Information I found:


Dracula's Castle GG - Habit Soft 08/2021
CRC32 0x4D50E0FF


The rom you posted is

CRC32 0BA12AC9

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1 hour ago, perrosoy said:
past level 22 and it doesn't look like a demo

Well I thought the size looked ok so maybe there is more than one revision? (hence different CRC32)




Actually, I've been doing some reading (and a bunch of translating via Google as this game was Japan release only, carts only). I might have a theory besides there being different rom revisions...

If you have tested this rom is it in English?

For example this following screen:





Does it look like the above or can you see English text instead?

Like this image below?...




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Answered my own question. The rom shared here is Japanese version.

Both variants are in fact Japanese but I believe there is an "overseas version" which funnily enough wasn't available for overseas purchase anyway.

Google translate:


It will be sold as an overseas version in a new package of hard case. All are written in English. Some parts of the game differ from Japan version. This is the first original game for overseas. Thank you for your support. This is a shipment only in Japan.


Packaging for the 2 versions is different. One is clearly Japanese and the overseas one has English packaging.

In addition to the screenshots I posted earlier (Japanese and English versions of the same screen), here are the 2 versions of the start screen:








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3 minutes ago, Doazx said:

Sorry, I'm new here and I couldn't find a way to share the rom. 

If someone shows me I'm glad to share some hidden gems translated from nes and snes that I own

Upload to an online file host of your choice and post the download link here. A lot of hosts will require you to create an account, but there are still a few that you can upload to without an account (anonymous upload).

Here are a few hosts that don't need a login:





There would be some others but that should be enough for you to figure out something. Just google one of the names.

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8 hours ago, Gamerone said:

Dracula's Castle Game Gear to Sega Master System. Jap+En versions

Hidden Content


If you've come across the English Game Gear rom (not ported to SMS) please share 🙂

Also can you please DM me if you are willing to explain how you got these ports, thanks.

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