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[Request] Germ Squashers for Megadrive


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6 minutes ago, obthree said:

Pretty sure that this cart was only released for Childrens Cancer research funding. Don’t think it was released digitally 

We do dump roms bud. I dump NES and SNES though, I haven't got anything for genesis carts.

As far as I know the genesis version is a direct port of the nes version. outside of completionism there's no reason to have both.

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@GatorCountry I know we do dumps as well I just didn’t think that this would be out there. It’s a crazy rare game if I’m not mistaken and it’s owners I’m sure never dumped the genesis version. It’d be nice if they did but I couldn’t find it anywhere out there. Not even sure if what the differences are. From everything I seen it looks to be the same to me. I posted the rom of the NES version. Hopefully it’s satisfactory. At least this way you can play it. My guess is the genesis version is just updated graphics. Similar to Eyra. 

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