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4 hours ago, Dill said:

Haha, I love the Segatendo cover. I never thought of this hybridization and of intellectual properties being pwned this way in the 90s and early 2000s.

All things must be made Dreamcast! :lol:


I think like a lot of DC fans I just never got over the short lifespan. I'm a little frustrated no devs took porting any farther than the early 2010s. We can port Playstation games to Dreamcast but people want to tell me SNES is too powerful. Doesn't make sense. I'd like to put the entire library of older systems on Dreamcast. It plays them like ports ought to be. Newer consoles come with PC-like gui's and such where as if you play one of my gameboy or NES ports it's seamless and boots the game like they were made for DC.

Nintendo on Sega is great. It's still weird to me to see Sonic on Nintendo machines and likewise every time I put a Mario on Dreamcast it seems like I'm breaking some kind of rule or something. It's just fun in a weird unexplainable way.

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