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Enormous Adventures

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  • Tested
  • PVR included
  • Mapper hacked


It's a better game than you might think. Unfortunately the dev didn't make proper cover art so mine is based on the start screen. That said, no cover art and the big boobied gimmick had me thinking this is surely a lazy attempt at a game. It's actually pretty good, the protagonist is quite fast so could be a good speed run title. The chiptunes are actually pretty impressive. The level design's a bit lazy and uninspired but not terrible. The story is corny and of course the big boobs are as well, but, or maybe butt, the animations are pretty excellent considering NES constraints and all-in-all the funny's about humor more than horny which is totally my bag. Not as funny as porno-land but not nearly as offensive either. My ex is a big boobied woman on a tiny frame. We don't get on anymore but I think she'd laugh at this. It makes the breasts seem like the comical hassle big boobied ladies complain about.  The men chasing you are not horny guys, they're government agents attempting cover up a conspiracy your PC is trying to uncover. It's just....goofy, in a fun way. Giv'er a go. Three out of five chomps for this one. Maybe four, but I think I'm mostly impressed that it's not a hyper horny title like I had expected and if you judge it off its gameplay alone it's pretty basic, not bad, just basic.



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NES with original mapper:

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