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[Request] Intellivision games from Collectorvision and others


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  • PrincessMonaco changed the title to [Request] Intellivision games from Collectorvision and others
2 minutes ago, PrincessMonaco said:


Please let me know if they're ok as I haven't tested them.

In particular if they're complete games... they weren't marked as demos but as I said I haven't tested them (I have a console & intellivoice, but no LTO Flash! unfortunately).

Just post a comment as feedback here or in the other thread.

Thanks 🙂

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On 8/4/2022 at 11:16 AM, PrincessMonaco said:

Anyone got any of these?


Astro Invader

Bank Panic

Boulder Dash

D2K Arcade

Death Race

Donkey Kong Junior Arcade





Jr Pac-Man

Miner 2049er

Omega Race

Rick Dynamite

Super Pro Space Invaders

Wizard Of Wor

Wow, these are really proving elusive...

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