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Barbarian II

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Clearly not the game by Palace, i'm working on getting that one, it's sequel, and the first Barbarian by Psygnosis working currently, but in my opinion this is a better game than those anyway. Nice graphics, good animations, good sounds, interesting world to explore.

If you're not familiar with Amiga games let me explain how to control your character. You'll move around intuitively but you should still experiment with the diagonals anyway to get a feel for the flip jumps and rolls, distance and timing. Up is jump, so is X because X is cued to up. diagonal up and a direction will give you a longer jump with a flip either forward or backward depending on which way you pressed. Down is duck, diagonal down with a direction is roll. To attack is similar. Hold A and press a direction. Forward will give you a normal side swipe attack, diagonal up and forward will give you an oner head chop if you have a weapon, or a kick if you don't. A+Down will give you a low attack, so on. Experiment a bit and figure out the moves before you go running around. They're not difficult to get used to, well, I don't think they are, I grew up with an Amiga so I'm probably not the best to judge that. Remember X = Up as well so if you just want to use buttons you can, for the most part. If you're on an emu X is the left button on the DC controller. So if you're on a switch controller I mean Y or a PS controller would be Square. Xbox is still X.


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