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Pokemon Buggy Version

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D5B1907F.0.png.ba1e8a7d746345049816d0a65f4d9e8e.png   D5B1907F.1.png.b7c72d25b0905cd39e8eaf8f63353bc9.png

D5B1907F.2.png.2ddf35d210a7cd7f8d3353fe5163668a.png   D5B1907F.3.png.a81c32e247d13b72b8c1c52d59827da9.png

  • Tested
  • PVR box art included
  • Fast loading
  • Colorized
  • Starters changed to Scyther, Weedle, and Caterpie
  • Free master balls in Viridian market
  • Rare Candy for sale in Pewter market 
  • Based on Pokemon Red Version


Because I wanted to. There's not much explanation I can give you. Yes, starting with any bug is going to make Pewter really difficult and grindy, but after that you've free masters and for sale rare candy so I can't say I made it more difficult just a lot different. Pain in the butt first badge but everything after that should be really easy...not that Pokemon is hard just if you have never caught them all this is unlimited master balls in the very first market so....super easy to catch whatever you want, and, since it's so easy to catch them it's easy to level up too but just in case you need even more help buy some candies. I could make more of these simple hacks if anyone wants some changes. My favorites are Gyarados and Scyther but whatever you want is pretty easy to make.



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