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Hello all, I'm mostly interested in getting ROMs of new Neo Geo releases, but new releases for other consoles (Mega Drive, Dreamcast, etc...) certainly peak my interest too

I'm a big fan of the Sony PSP and still use mine to this day. I like putting together custom EBOOTs of emulated games and homebrews, and do all sorts of patching of games with romhacks and so on, so perhaps I can contribute in that section with time

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20 hours ago, GatorCountry said:

PSP has a healthy amount of OpenBOR games. If you've never heard of it, give it a search. I'm sure there's something out there you'd like to play on your PSP.

Oh I'm aware, I was trying out a lot of OpenBOR mods on the PSP last year. Not all of them work; the latest ones simply tend to require too much memory to run on the PSP or slow the action down to a crawl with special effects; but certainly most OpenBOR games before 2018 are playable.

For the new OpenBOR releases that don't run on the PSP however, I turn to the Dreamcast conversions of them as OpenBOR on the Dreamcast is even more restrictive than on the PSP; due to the Dreamcast's even lower amount of RAM and slower CPU. The Dreamcast however has an active community of dedicated fans converting and cutting down the latest OpenBOR games to run on it.

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