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  • Tested in Redream
  • PVR Included
  • No LED


Not many people knew about of ever played the Amiga version of the original Castlevania. It's really hard but this crack comes with a trainer so it's only as hard as you make it. Controls on Amiga are a bit different. You can jump with up or X and your normal attack is A, but to use your secondary attack you need to hold A instead of tapping it.

You can see in the screenshots it looks really good for an original Castlevania that's over 20 years old, a bit silly, but pretty. It sounds good too, both music and effects are nice. Control is good for an Amiga game but I wouldn't play it without at least infinite lives on because they're too sluggish to keep up with the enemies. 

If you're a Castlevania fan it's worth a play if for nothing else just to see and hear an original that's nearly totally different from the NES version.


This is the hidden content, please


Forgot my seal...I made this :lol: That'lls do fine I guess, the MR is there.

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