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Informations on Collectorvision Rom Packs


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Any chance of also sharing any of these (especially the ones in bold)? From your missing list (I assume the ones with asterisks are the ones you DON'T have) I have and can share Bomb Jack, Caos Begins, Digger, Dragon's Lair, Flapee Byrd, Flicky, Gauntlet, Heli Fire, Junkwall, Kung Fu Master, Lock'n'Chase, Lode Runner, Mario Bros, Memotech Vol 1 and Vol 2, Module Man. Mr Chin, Nibbli, Ozma Wars, Pang, Pooyan, QBics, Rip Cord, Spelunker, Stone Of Wisdom, Way Of The Exploding Foot, Wizard Of Wor, Zippy Race, Zombie Incident and Zombie Near.


1942 (SGM)
Arkanoid (SGM)

Bomber King (SGM)
Bugs'n Bots
Buster Bros.
Car Fighter (SGM)
Castle Excellent (SGM)
Cavern Fighter
Chack'n Pop
Comic Bakery (SGM)
Computer Space
Dead Tomb (Phoenix)
Earth Defend 2083
Eggerland Mystery
Electric Adventures Classics
Elevator Action
Energy Quizz
Fuzzy Whomp / Learning w. Fuzzy Whomp
Galaga (SGM)
Ghost (SGM)
Ghost'n Zombies
Hard Hat Mack (SGM)
Head to head Football
Hole in One (SGM)
Hustle Chummy (SGM)
Ice World
Insane Pickin' Sticks VIII
Jawbreaker 1 & 2 (SGM)
Jester (Phoenix)
Jet Ready
Juno First (SGM)
L'abbaye des Morts
Light Grid Racing
Loco-Motion (SGM)
Lord of the Dungeon
Math Quest (SGM)
MazezaM Challenge
Monster House (SGM)
Penguin Land
Prisoner of War (SGM)
R-Type (SGM)
Roller Ball (SGM)
S.O.S. Caterpillar
Safari Race
Sas (SGM)
Smurf Challenge
Space Hunter
Sparkie (SGM)
Suite Macabre
Super Action Baseball
Super Mine-field
Super Uwol
Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death
Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe
The Castle
The Castle + Castle Excellent
The Cure
Treasure Hunt
Victory SCE
Where is it ?

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15 hours ago, eye2eye said:

hello Voljega,

some of the coleco roms you're looking for might be in my collection. you find it here:

Hidden Content


myself I'm searching for coleco:
- Boot Hill
- L'Abbaye des Morts
- The Void

and for msx:
- Risky Rick



Did you edit in a new link with extra roms?

I'm sure you had more "missing games" listed in this post that you were looking for... unless I'm getting confused.

If you have obtained any extra games please share 🙂 thanks.

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I lost somehow the overview, what's still missing and what's already posted.
Maybe someone (possibly Voljega) could clean up the miss list and combine all posted roms to one pack,
both should be kept up to date...otherwise it's getting a great mess.

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thank you, eye2eye for your contribution

updated list


1942 (HB)
arkadion (HB)
asteroid (HB)
Bomb'n Blast 2 (HB)
Bomber King (HB)
Cavern Fighter (HB)
Challenger (HB)
Dead Tomb (HB)
Eggerland Mystery
Fuzzy Whomp / Learning w. Fuzzy Whomp
Ghost (HB)
Hard Hat Mack (SGM)
Head to head Football
Ice World
Jester (Phoenix)
Jet Ready (HB)
Math Quest (SGM)
Mean Santa (HB)
Mr. Turtle (HB)
Muncher Mouse (HB)
Penguin Adventure (HB)
Quatre (HB)
R-Type (HB)
Safari Race
Sas (SGM)
Schlange CV (HB)
Shifted (HB)
Suite Macabre
Super Uwol
The Castle + Castle Excellent
The Cure (HB)
Treasure Hunt
Uwol Quest for Money (HB)
Where is it ?



If anyone is looking for any other game, add it


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