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  • Tested in Redream
  • PVR Included
  • English Patch Included


Dandy is a Zelda clone. It looks pretty good for the era and has more RPG elements than original Zelda for the NES. If you like Zelda you'll like Dandy, if you don't, you're lame.


Dandy is disk flipping game that requires you to flip the disk from side A to side B. Consequently I am unable to use my regular NDC. When you first boot the game you'll see a start menu you may not be used to if my singles are the only NES/FDS to DC you've played. It's super easy to figure out, it says "press start" so just press start and you're off, no big deal, no more menus to fool with after to get into the game.

Once you've named your character, to begin your quest you're going to be prompted to flip the disk to side B. Hold the right trigger and push X. Now press down on your D-pad and then press B. Give it a moment and you're all set.



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