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[Skyrim] 'Best Necromancer Build' (definitive)

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I get frustrated by articles such as this on the Internet which need to be corrected once and for all...

This is the hidden content, please

Elves? Bretons? A spellblade necromancer Orc with one-handed doesn't need destruction spells especially after going berzerk. And doesn't need Alteration for mage armor by wearing heavy armor with heavy armor perks.

According to wiki "The Orc is overall the best race to play as in Survival Mode. They didn't have any special passive abilities in normal mode, but in Survival Mode, they have some that will be extremely useful."

If you're playing as a Dark Elf or Breton necromancer you suck donkey balls outside of normal mode and should be a Nord for extra warmth in survival mode at least but berserk Orcs produce more dead bodies to raise as zombies.

Keep your Magicka and Health twice as high as your Stamina, once your Magicka and Health are 220 make your stamina 110, etc. When your Magicka and Health are 240 make your Stamina 120, and so and so forth. That's a spellblade battlemage.

With healing spell in one hand, weapon in the other and heavy armor whatever damage is done is minimal to heal and you might as well be an armored troll that can go berserk. Destruction spells to do damage and Alteration spells for mage armor that cost magicka you can use to trollheal until all your opponents are dead and you can raise them as zombies?

You can basically raise your restoration and heavy armor at will by letting enemies attack you because you're unkillable healing in heavy armor with Regeneration restoration perk and Juggernaut heavy armor perks. Once your opponents croak because they can't kill you as you attack them then you switch the favorited healing spell with a favorited raise zombie spell, that makes the best necromancer in Skyrim an Orc.

Restoration also has a Recovery perk which makes trollhealing in heavy armor with Regeneration perk give you more immortality. Destruction when you can go berserk with a conjured bound sword? Alteration for mage armor when you're in heavy armor with perks?

Destruction and Alteration spells are not permanent and cost Magicka, Elves and Bretons need a staff and necromancer robes for more Magicka that Orcs don't need because they're not noobs in melee. As you play the game you'll find enchanted heavy armor that gives you more magicka, heavy armor Dragon Priest masks and circlets/hoods to wear with heavy armor instead of a helmet that gives you more magicka.

The best necromancer in Skyrim normal or survival mode is an Orc spellblade with a favorited healing spell in one hand, a one-handed weapon with perks in the other, wearing heavy armor with perks that trollheals as he/she attacks until all opponents are dead and then switches to a favorited raise zombie spell to create undead minions to kill the next group of any enemies nearby.

Raising zombies has a steamroller effect that makes survival mode easier. And you can kill the zombies you raise to increase your one-handed and conjuration skill. Elf and Breton necromancers can bow down before Orc spellblade necromancers that can't be killed and treat opponents like playthings.


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Argonian necro is pretty beast too



:lol: I'm just playing, it's a callback. I like reading your explanations and only wish I had more to say to engage you with. Truth is my ass be's using lightsabers and such nonsense. I don't like to be OP because my favorite thing in a Bethesda game is to get myself a bit stuck by being just a little bit weak for the mission, or cave, or whatever situation, but I do nonsense it up quite a bit. I had a whole haram of different succubus, I even made some myself, and then I found out in true lore there's no such thing as female demons. Succubus are male demons who take female form to get, you know, let's call it "seed", from a male human and the takes male form to inject it into a human female to make a half-demon. :lol: not so sexy anymore and it's not even because I'm homo/transphobic. I actually make products for trans, I'm cool, but I thought they(succubus not T's) were temptresses when really their dirty shapeshifters.

My favorite was my orc succubus though. Ugly, sure, but an orc with dragon wings and tail just looks cool as.  I think it would go good with your build, I'll try to make it and take some screens.

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On 7/12/2022 at 12:30 AM, GatorCountry said:

Argonian necro is pretty beast too

Argonians rule normal mode but in survival mode they drop dead in cold environments because they are adapted to a tropical climate and have a massive racial penalty in most of Skyrim's northern regions. It can be circumvented by wearing fur armor for extra warmth and with the camping DLC campfire or mods like Campfire but they tend to drop dead from hunger because they aren't orcs and from fatigue because they aren't elves. Which is why orc rules in any mode and why they are the best necromancers if they take Conjuration as a skill. Also, I did not mention that with Alteration spells and perks they can see in the dark with a Candlelight spell, get extra armor rating with mage armor spells and get magic resistance with perks. Which stacks with Lord Stone armor bonus and magic resistance as well as Agent of Mara quest perk magic resistance. Eventually a high level item with high magic resistance will be up for sale from a merchant or you'll find one in a treasure chest and you'll be an on orc that's virtually immune to magic and takes dragon priests to school in a berserker rage. The reason that's optimal is that orcs take 50% less melee damage and do 50% more melee damage in a berserker rage but receive full magic damage. I would not choose Conjuration unless I wanted to be a Necromancer, the Alteration orc in heavy armor with a Restoration spell to troll heal in one hand and a melee weapon in the other is an unstoppable juggernaut wizard destroyer that thieves and other warriors of other races can't win against in a DPS battle. The build can also dabble in Archery for ranged attacks versus flying dragons and against opponents not reachable in melee range.


As for what one-handed weapon an Alteration orc should use it's a mace with armor penetration perks to deal with the thieves and warriors because wizards are usually not wearing armor, cast super nerfed spells and they don't stand a chance so they're not even a viable opponent.

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