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SOR2 Rejects

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  • PowerVR cover art
  • Game list compiled
  • Tested in DEmul


These are some good Streets of Rage 2 hacks that run well on Dreamcast but I cut them from my upcoming Smashpack because I found similar hacks that I thought were better.

TMNT Gaiden

TMNT of Rage Remix

TMNT of Rage The Final Shell Shock

SOR2 Battletoads and Double Dragon Edition.

All good hacks but seems redundant in the Smashpack.



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5 hours ago, rocksscotty said:


Hey bud, just to let you know, I don't upload with dummies unless requested to. It's no hassle really, I just don't want to waste space on the mega accounts doing it for games people are going to emulate or mode/gdemu/dreamshell etc. Any of my uploads you want with dummy files just send me a message and I'll of course add the dummy files. 

TMNT Gaiden is actually really good. This was originally going to be a single but I threw the others in on a whim. They're not bad, but Gaiden's really interesting.

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