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The link has been killed before it had a chance to get very far, but someone made a homebrew with the malicious NAND killing code that has bee alarming vita owners of late. If you have downloaded a Duck Hunt homebrew game recently, DO NOT INSTALL IT!


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Fortunately, the movement towards "anti-virus" measures within vita tools is strong and moving forward. The comments in the reddit announcement of this same homebrew seem reassuring. Hopefully we can have a situation soon where there is no danger of these douchebags being succcessful in destroying our vitas. :naughty:

Reddit thread:

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@Emankcin We're pretty sure :TohruSmug:

The developer of said infected Homebrews have already come forward as of along time ago and claimed they did it for fun and "research". They're still active in the Vita Homebrew community, as they've put together some pretty awesome work if you're into their work. I personally don't recall their names at the moment, but they said (more or less) "If you're willing to download a game that's only a couple of MB's, and it should be several hundred, and still install it, think of it as natural selection".

This hasn't been a problem in a very long time, and now all of the installation methods (VPK's, MaiDump's, etc) all have build in eboot scans to check for any funny business, and since those files had been found, no more have been found.

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