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Converting Updates/DLCs from one region to another one


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Hi everyone,

Once again, I didn't find that, this was already known (but I wasn't aware, tested this by myself and worked). Seems like people are saying it won't works with all stuff. But this far I tried it concerning Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Z and Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus and that worked !

So, here I'll show you how I converted update and DLC for Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Z from EUR version to USA version. This tutorial is using Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus DLC for an example, tried it on three of them and was working ! So now I edit all other DLCs this way. You'll need to edit param.sfo file using a Hexadecimal Editor (I used HxD) :

1 - Open param.sfo from your new dump (here Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus VT2.0 USA) :


You see selected IDs on this param.sfo, we want those ID to be what param.sfo from DLCs will shown.

2 - Open param.sfo from old DLCs (here Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus EUR) :


You see selected IDs on this param.sfo aren't the same, cause this is EUR IDs.

3 - Click on "search" then "replace", on first bar type EUR ID and on second bar type USA ID :


Then click on "replace all"

4 - You'll see there is two occurrence of that ID on param.sfo, the first I shown you on beginning and another one on end of file :


5 - Now you just have to manually replace EP4492 (EUR) to UP1023 (USA) :


6 - To finish save changes :


7 - Now delete param.sfo.bak that HxD created cause it's useless :


Of course, in that example, you'll have to rename DLCs folder from PCSB00601 to PCSE00398. This method is done manually, so if you have one update and some DLCs (like DBZ was only having one update and one DLC) it will be fast, but here, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus is having 155 DLCs ! So I need to edit manually 155 param.sfo...

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No that didn't work for all games. I only used that method on some games and this far only one game didn't worked. Can't say which game will accept modified update/DLC and which won't, you just have to try.

Off-topic : I know there must be a lot of Roxas nicknames on internet but I used to know one some time ago... did you ever played with some 3D stuff on computer ? ^^

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