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El Chapulin Colorado Vs Dracula - A Scary Duel

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53E3C26D.2.png.1abb3ff92ee2a691c7b7244e84a6b5ba.png  53E3C26D.0.png.14120bef70e7e98f45fadcc7f542477d.png  53E3C26D.3.png.fe592708ca87311dee1ad2b4cce14a75.png


  • PVR included
  • Tested in Redream


Dracula's been taking advantage of El Chapulin Colorado's good nature and does not expect his cunning. The red grasshopper, the cherry cricket, if you're latino you know all about it. If you're not don't worry, you don't need a language hack to get through this.

I only just seen there was a 2015-17 reboot and he's in Fortnite now. Cool, this was a 70s show I watched as a child with my dad. The game is in Portuguese but the show was definitely Spanish. I don't think you need to understand either to enjoy either. The game's straight forward enough and it's really just an official hack of Ghost House like how Mario 2 is an official hack of Doki Doki Panic. 

Speaking of Mario. I have a rom hack of SMB with El Chapulin Colorado replacing Mario. It's a bit rough but if you want it contact me and I'll share it.



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Master System:

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That second pic of Drac isn't a glitch, I busted that fool up son. I just didn't catch Chap's hammer in the screenshot.

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