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Legend of the River King GBC

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E478CFAC.2.png.8749a8c6167a80b0103ee53cea8b1493.png  E478CFAC.1.png.e7a7918d43979d82bb32e33617ff282d.png  image.png.b3828c9dde3a0027a60b177e2f09ea4f.png


  • Box art PVR Included
  • Tested in Redream
  • GnuBoy Autoboot


It is what it looks like, a top down RPG about fishing. It's a cool blend of game styles. Sort of like a retro version of the Final Fantasy XV fishing side quests. If you're into that you'll enjoy this. If not, yer lame anyway :lol:

This version of LOTRK is a remake of the original NES with a little extra added.



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Gameboy Color:

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I'm working on the NES original and the GBC sequel but as it's a fishing game testing them takes a little time. Also, since I'm supplying base roms now it's a bit of a pain to upload a bunch at once. When I'm ready I will edit this portion to link to the others in the series.


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