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Ducktales 2

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image.png.792f42033e192cfa556e85e31f4f98de.png  image.png.d9d7633b8438dd7b9f1c0b986f7ac839.png  image.png.494071987ab39a7cb852e592018eb775.png


  • Tested in Redream
  • PVR included
  • 2 Player hack included


That's meant to be DW getting dangerous with Scrooge but obviously the colors are way off. I'll try to find an easy NES tool to edit the palette with and maybe find something that looks a bit more Darkwing. In the meantime, the 2-player hack works just fine on Dreamcast. This game is a classic and having the ability to play as Darkwing is pretty cool in my book. The embedding links to all the Duck series games has started to get so long it looks bad, so I'll drop DT1 here and if you want to find the Donald or Darkwing games they're linked in the DT1 thread.



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This is the hidden content, please



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