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[Fallout 4] Brainiac Mutant

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This turns your character into a ultraintelligent brainiac mutant. You'll have a natural resistance to Ballistic. Energy, Fire, Poison and Rad damage(100 for each resistance with max Toughness, Refractor and Rad Resistant perks). Start at level 1 and zip through the levels. Take advantage of there not being a level cap. As part of the mutation you jump at just the perfect height to leap as high as possible without taking fall damage, you are considered a mutant to supermutants and they will not attack you, hang out with them in their camps as guards because supermutants attack anyone who is not a mutant.


Copy and paste the following into Notepad:

player.setav intelligence 10000
player.modav damageresist 60
player.modav energyresist 60
player.modav fireresist 100
player.modav poisonresist 100
player. forceav radresistexposure 60
setgs fJumpHeightMin 135
player.addtofaction 00058305 1

Save as brainiac.txt, then place the TXT file in the Fallout 4 install folder. In the game press the ~ key and type in bat brainiac then press ENTER.

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This is a cryogenic brainiac mutant, is virtually immune to cold damage which is not a resistance added by legendary mods, items or perks. Starts off with Adamantium Skeleton as mutation racial perks.

player.setav intelligence 10000
player.forceav frostresist 9000
setgs fJumpHeightMin 135
player.addtofaction 00058305 1
player.addperk 0004c92d
player.addperk 00024afd
player.addperk 00024af


Save as ice.txt, then place the TXT file in the Fallout 4 install folder. In the game press the ~ key and type in bat ice then press ENTER.

If you have all the DLC I recommend this as an optional and unique post-apocalyptic global thermonuclear war mutation with the Mistress Marauder build I posted previously to make her gain the many levels quickly. Set your intelligence to 1 at character creation to gain points for other stats. Start the game in normal mode, add mutation and then change difficulty setting to survival mode. Some perks will become obsolete for that level, substitute them with the next available perk on the list and/or any other perk not on the list...


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