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  • Tested in Redream
  • PVR Included


Zelda meets Dante's Inferno. The book, not the game. It's fun, pay attention to the dungeon names because you'll have a much easier time going in the same order as Dante in Inferno. Music is fairly metal for an NES game. 

From the author:


This is a complete “full game” hack of the Legend of Zelda, including:

Dungeons (every dungeon even has a unique theme)
All graphics
All music
Many sound effects
Some things to know:

The story is not Zelda universe-related at all.
This should work on any hardware or emulator that runs vanilla LoZ.
This is intended to be difficult. Not crazy hard, but challenging.
There are a handful of in-game mechanics new/different from vanilla LoZ.
The up+a sequence, saving, retrying, continuing work as normal.
Block-clipping and screen-wrapping have been patched out.
This hack is very large and is not intended to be a quick play. It drastically transforms LoZ into what amounts to be a completely new game, using an enhanced version of the LoZ engine.

Enjoy! - MetalMachine


Art by Anakin Lee. 



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