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image.png.e155de81f1f5fc0890ae2e22df5bdb81.png  image.png.5518a929f85ca694d62b92f248077fb8.png

image.png.e6161b6fadd0fe92e8e455f9b36c63a4.png  image.png.5cd128dbf46e180d6a988c5f6c5dc3e9.png


Tested in Redream

This is the official retail Dreamcast port in GDI format:

This is the hidden content, please




image.png.e1628c663534bb96ceadd486d27a6158.png  image.png.77fc30cb956bfa128eb40afbf47d57bc.png

image.png.2797fcfc9ab4a3fb2fbe4de5ae6af361.png  image.png.f74f69744cba805d6767b8b9a881c7d9.png


Tested in Redream

This is my port of the Neo Geo CD version running on DreamNeo in CDI format:

This is the hidden content, please



TSS is a dueling vertical shooter. As you slaughter enemies on your half of the screen they become comets that damage the other player. It's cutesy and its story is what you'd expect from a cute title. It's loads of fun and has a very original take on the shooter genre. Definitely worth playing.


There are some changes from NGCD to DC. I had seen others claim there's only minor changes so I made the NGCD port to show they're pretty big changes actually.

Performance wise I actually got more slowdown on the retail version than I did the DreamNeo version, but, there was also a crazy amount of stuff on the screen and I had a hard time recreating the situation on the NG version. They both run and sound really good. It's difficult to get any slowdown on purpose with either title. And it's worth noting I only got this slowdown with the speed set to NeoGeo. I was unable to get the same with the speed set to Dreamcast 

Which brings me nicely to what I consider some major changes. 

Obviously in the retail version you can change the speed of the game. You also have more options with language. By default both are set to English but in the retail version but this can be changes to Japanse or Spanish. We have loads of Spanish speakers here and I think they'd appreciate knowing that.

In addition to speed in and language options the retail version also allows you to adjust the audio. By default it is set at the rom version but you can change it high quality rom version or CD version. The NGCD only allows for NGCD audio, CDDA.

The retail version has a bug fix for a scoring bug. I'm not sure why, but the fix is optional.

Vibration is the last change worth mention. There are some small changes outside of what I've listed but they're very minor.

So, basically, if you just launch the Dreamcast version and start playing it you might think it's actually worse than the NeoGeo CD version and only on par with the MVS version. It's not, it's much better. I am not sure why SNK chose to default the Dreamcast settings to the rom but if you put it to Dreamcast speed with CD audio, turn on the bug fix and rumble you've got a very on par with any other Dreamcast title game.


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