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Crime Buster


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image.png.ab263d3bae199af94ae83d85f24afe02.png  image.png.9178c00fa939951918a2a41bf40b7933.png  image.png.4dbc03278e6200be21d7bb38a5895f5a.png

:lol: was trying to capture Ralf's wicked good overhand and explosion but I guess I was a second too late.


  • Tested ReDream, DEmul, Flycast, Hardware
  • PVR included
  • Dubcity Collection
  • DreamBOR 7


I just noticed while tinkering and failing with some other titles I never uploaded the one that I work from. All of my BORs that I dropped into DreamBOR 7 uses Dubcity's Crime Buster's plain files for the DreamBOR engine.

Dub does fantastic work. This is easily the best Beats of Rage game I have uploaded in a while. A bit less interesting than Gunstar but it looks and sounds like it was made for Dreamcast. Loads of characters, loads of moves. I should really start making videos for these better titles. When I get some space on my HDD I will make videos so y'all can see all the moves and features and such before you download.

absurdly good, if you download just one of the BORs I've uploaded make sure it's a Dub or Ian Michael opt. They're amazing and put in loads of time to optimize games so that they look, sound, and run their best.


This is the hidden content, please

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