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Samurai Showdown RPG - English Demo

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image.png.1bdd70958c8c434cc041024a469341ca.png image.png.73285214652706fee10da1b9a1b5888b.png

image.png.41d4fe4ad3bfb2ae7b06f3b4ee438bd1.png image.png.ef32244dee3e443a9572411515cd1bdb.png


This is the unfinished english patch ported to DC. I made the port but given the patch is, well, bad, I'm not hassling with all the art nonsense I usually throw into my ups.

This is my small attempt to raise some awareness to the situation. In NG circles this game has been considered cursed. Folks start the translation project and never finish it. I tried to get different projects but I could not find any outside of this one easily.

There is a french version and a spanish version. If youse would like me to port those you need to find them for me. I have no issue porting non-english titles.

Likewise, I do not have a problem porting the japanese original I just didn't think there was any japanese speakers here. If you'd like the original ported to DC let me know and I'll fix it up for you.


Cheers, give the demo a go. It's decent enough to get a feel for what the game is like. Maybe one day if folks keep asking for it we'll get a kickstarter or some such.



This is the hidden content, please


Additional - Given this is just a demo with no chance I can finish it myself this thread will not be added to the megathread.

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26 minutes ago, Bruce Lee said:

Man I really hope this game gets a full Translation for the Dreamcast, I want to play thus this one really bad!

Been waiting for years. All I can say is one day, maybe.

Maybe I start a kickstarter. Dudes will do the work if they get paid. 

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