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Codename Sailor V


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image.png.24195d826cd234c4cea4020c31a24233.png  image.png.c87469959d83a3c8aac05bbd407dd6db.png  image.png.9ceb552aae2ddb5cb93a0991c088d703.png


  • PVR Inside
  • DreamBOR 7
  • Tested in ReDream


This one's pretty excellent. You can combo, throw your boomerang, run, dodge, use special crescent attack, running attacks, normal arial attacks, running arial attacks, and quarter circle + attack attacks. Looks and sound greats. My only gripe would be some questionable level designs but that's pretty minor. 

Don't play if you're super sensitive to flashing lights. It's not terribly major but there is some flashing.


This is the hidden content, please

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