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Sunset Riders

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16 minutes ago, flamming_python said:

Huh, is this an emulation of the genesis version or something?

The SNES version is superior from memory, although not sure if the Dreamcast has a decent SNES emulator

It is the Gen version and, yes, Dreamcast does not have a good SNES solution. It's actually one of those things that shows how lazy or incompetent DC development has gotten since the mid twenty-teens.

Folks say SNES is too powerful but that's simply not true. Playstation was one of the first DC emulators and Playstation is way more powerful than Super Nintendo.

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18 hours ago, flamming_python said:

There is a new Genesis version of Sunset Riders coming out. Just a heads up

And it's gonna be a lot closer to the Arcade version than this one, superior to the SNES version too.

This is the hidden content, please

Thanks bud


I will make ports of both. I should remake this one as well.

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