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D7573172.4.png.bc40b97ad09d104756f89343dac3caac.png  D7573172.1.png.e98c915ca1164a6cc8b6dcf497dabc37.png  D7573172.0.png.adf93f47ba775f17f3d3696eb64d3924.png

  • ShindouGO repack
  • DreamBOR 7
  • Very difficult.




I really went back and forth with this one. I decided to upload it because it has cool cover art by DCFan but honestly I think it's a cheap, spammy, buggy POS. The enemies have advantage on the line and off of it. You can be mid combo busting one up and another one can walk up to you and start hitting you. Directly on, not from behind or even a line above or below. They can walk right into your attack and hurt you. It only takes a few hits to kill you. But's that's just one issue, loads of early BORs are spammy and unfair. I actually got stuck on the top line for a while, could not move down at all. Another glitch happened later where the screen froze, and in another glitch the enemies were just thumbing their buttholes off screen. So, I was just going to wait until I cracked this opened and edited the script myself but I decided no, the cover is pretty tits and some folks might like the original with its high difficulty and buggy mess.



This is the hidden content, please

No ISO for this version as I did not make it. When I add my own version I'll be sure to create an ISO for it as well.

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