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Final Romance 2 ( Warning - Nudity )

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Nudie cover art:



C9D000EC.1.png.80682607a419e86015cf429b24fc4541.png  C9D000EC.0.png.4ffd0320418ea0c0d9f7fb4e367faadc.png  C9D000EC.2.png.8e61ba6165e1f1e569968a3259e30bdb.png


  • PVR Included - This is the stock NGCD PVR not the cover art I made set as PVR. I just forgot to replace the stock PVR. If you really want boobs-pvr request it and I'll make it.
  • Tested in Redream
  • CDDA Audio


This is a strip mahjong game in Japanese. I do not think knowing Japanese is needed to get through it but knowing how to play mahjong is. Unfortunately I know neither. I ported this specifically because there's not much boobies on NGR and I wanted to fix that. I've uploaded a few nude ladies games and hacks now so the next I'll be on the look out will hang dong. :lol:

Given I was unable to get screens of boobas I just searched out a few and made the cover have some sexy on it.



This is the hidden content, please


I'm just learning how to pack in ISO. If I get NGCD ports in ISO I'll add the ISO link.

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