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One of the best shooters ever made and one of the best games on Dreamcast. I bought this as a kid in a bargain bin only because it was cheap. I was so glad I did. Great characters, good humor, love the beautiful 2D world, and tons of charm. You play both mech pilots and switch out between them to get past challenges. Riki, the blue hair, uses homing missiles and Mami shoots bouncing lasers. Bangai-O is the name of the mech.

I tried to show the crazy number of projectiles this game puts on screen but screenshots are difficult to get just right. Your character can drop 400 shots at once on a fool alone, when you include enemies' shots there's got be over a thousand bullets on screen at once. Which, in technical terms, is a f**k-ton for the era. 

44 levels backed by 33 soundtracks. 

Single player

Cheat menu is accessible by beating the game or making your initials three prairie dogs. You'll know what I mean when you get to the screen. Then there will be a cheat menu in options.

Bangai-O started life on the N64 but that version is bit crap compared to the Dreamcast and that's not just because I'm a DC fanboy. Better graphics, more bullets, better music, it's a no contest in the DC's favor. Also N64 controllers are gross abominations Nintendo should have known better than to bring to the masses.

There was a sequel on the NDS and a third for 360. It's a really great series and I do not feel like any of the games are weak. This one's probably the hardest to beat. Took me a few years to get it totally beaten on DC. It'd definitely be easier to pull off with more persistence and playing on emu with savestates but even then I promise level 44 is still going to be a challenge.


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