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Mega Man 2

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image.png.c4c7ba919540eb028f30850436fadb75.png  image.png.0fb30521f58ab60b0297dcd4e8ef9c99.png  image.png.6fd22c282224e0a64a0a1d669f91892c.png


  • PVR
  • Infinite Lives


Tested CDI:

This is the hidden content, please

Untested ISO:

This is the hidden content, please


I just learned how to create an ISO but I do not have DC+HDD so if someone who does can test this and confirm or deny it is working I would greatly appreciate it.


Just as soon as I am able to create a GDI I will add GDI versions to my ports and BOR repacks. 


CDI is created with BootDreams

ISO with Lazyboot

Lazy also has a GDI function but what it's asking me for I do not know how to create. Will probably be a while before I get that nut cracked because most tuts for DC are ancient and the links only load dead websites with no info or they speak to you like you already know a certain amount of details. Tutorials in gaming in general have always frustrated me with that. I don't know what the point of writing a tut is if you're going to assume the reader knows anything at all. I try to write mine so that anyone can do what I'm telling them to do. No knowledge needed, because duh, you go to tutorials to gain the knowledge. :lol: ranting over, enjoy Mega Man on DC


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