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Bruce Lee - Revenge of the Dragon


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4 hours ago, Ravenstorm said:

Wow it's like Final 'Bruce Lee' Fight. Never even know this was on Dreamcast. I'm glad brawlers are coming back into style like the new TMNT game is looking pretty nice.

To be honest the PC version of OpenBOR has some of my all time favorites. o'illusionista, thatcher, zitor, seep, mersox, there's quite a few guys who just pump out absurdly excellent brawlers all the time. ChronoCrash is a pretty great community because of that and the guy running everything really cares about adding features to the engine.

Ian Michael has done wonders to make DreamBOR way, way, better than the official DC OpenBOR engine ever was but the limitations are still very staggering. He's got it running so good I can take anything old like this open and port it over and expect it to run better on DC than it ever did, sometimes better than its original PC version too, but the spanking new PC BORs are just amazing with their features and general bigness. To make them work on DC you'd basically have to rebuild the entire game with downgraded graphics and using tiles and logic.


I really liked SOR4. I know some folks didn't but I'm such an SOR fan I don't think they can make a SOR I wouldn't like. That said the greatest SOR is not the SOR Remake folks always say is so awesome. It's SORX: 

This is the hidden content, please

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Oh I see, I thought it was actually a Dreamcast game. First hearing of "DreamBOR" didn't realize it there on the game art! Thanks for explaining. And yea, I LOVED Streets of Rage. Played SOR back on the Sega and it was definitely my favorite of the genre! TMNT, Double Dragon, Final Fight..all being close by. :)

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