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Super Mario Brawl


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01AC6EE7.0.png.bc356663744976d0097bd77f65383bec.png  01AC6EE7.2.png.9154a47a0d9885b7e0d6b8a36a022f52.png  01AC6EE7.1.png.65d60992dfbbda4ff4bba3a2d97a50f1.png


  • PVR Included
  • Tested in Redream
  • DreamBOR 7 fast loading
  • Ripfire optimized
  • SEEP created


This is the hidden content, please


The latest version of this game I could get access to with an active working link was a 2019 version. I dropped the plain files into DreamBOR 7 and got much faster load times but it runs at the same framerate as the old version. I will further optimize it when I get time, or, if I get access to Rip's 2022 version I will update the link and art to reflect that. Which ever comes first. It is very playable and I'm not sure if Rip made this to run at 60 fps because when I downgraded it to 8bit it gave me no improvement. Usually when you downgrade a 16bit BOR to 8bit it runs better, it just looks terrible and requires a new paint palette. This one looked terrible and continued to run at low fps. It is very playable so I put her back to 16bit and shared it. Don't take low fps to mean unplayable. It just plays slow like all the pre-2020s BORs always had. Loads fast though so it is improved over its 2019 version just not as improved as it could maybe be.


Here is Rip's current link to his current build:


Download / Descarga: ux.nu/PlaZO
PassWord / Contraseña: R1PF1R3

If any of you get to a zip please send it to me so I can update this thread. 

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