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Recruiting Uploaders .


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We need more original uploads on our community that are exclusive to our community.

I'm not personally a big fan of users posting links that don't belong to them , So I'd like to start recruiting uploaders as staff for the forum.

Guidelines for anyone interested in joining

It doesn't have to be your own dump , but it has to be your own upload that you have tested. (Giving credit to the original dumper promotes good community spirit.)

Try to avoid Vitamin leak dumps or dumps with errors.

The download should be password protected and password should be [email protected]

(If you don't want to password protect , Compress the dump with zero compression in rar format along with a text file that says Uploaded by [email protected] )

Before applying to join make sure you've made atleast three uploads and posted it here and that it follows the above guidelines.

Thank you .

Message me if you want to become an uploader after fulfilling the criteria. If you just apply to the group without telling me , I wouldn't know

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