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Sonic DC Battle


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  • Tested in Redream
  • DreamBOR 7
  • PVR included


This is the hidden content, please


If you read this thread earlier, I had said I'd would update this to DreamBOR 7 and then separate the two with my seal of quality on my own version. After a quick test I decided to drop the old version all together. I just don't see the point in offering the same exact game on an earlier engine. Immediately it loaded quicker and sounds better. DreamBOR 7 is go good in fact I'm going to come back after a while with a vastly improved version because these old assets are downgraded for an old BOR engine and DreamBOR can handle more. So I'll update the sound and graphics and if I am able I will add more to the levels. Ripfire was much more acclimated to this than I am so it will take me a long time for that update.

In Redream it will come up as Crime Busters. I am unable to crack or compile my own bins so to get the DreamBOR files I stole them from Crime Busters. To fix this in Redream is pretty easy. Copy my cover art into your Redream cache folder, make sure it is a png. Make a savestate. Go to your saves folder. Find your savestate and copy the name. It will be some letters and numbers gibberish like 09AG983EE.0.png if you make multi saves the number after the dot will change but not the gibberish. So if you have two saves .0.png is your first, .1.png is your second and so on like that. Copy just the gibberish before the dot number dot png. Rename the cover art that gibberish dot png. Using my made up example it would be 09AG983EE.png no .0

You'll see the cover art instead of the binary text for Crime Busters.

If you use GDemu don't worry about it as I have the 0GDTEX.pvr included. 


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