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Luigi's Chronicles Co-Op

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I actually went through the trouble of erasing the border area completely. those bits of white around the outside, I don't know how to get rid of them. Think it's to do with my gimp plugins. I'm struggling to produce MR files as well so I'll have to deal with that sooner rather than later. When I get it sorted I'll fix all the covers hit by this bug.


image.png.0b96f797e3b58410ee86cef4385deccb.png  image.png.8334a9c01b5818b61710d18e88e213a0.png  image.png.6ece28315bea74247f87bfcc3a2b47dd.png


  • Tested in Redream
  • PVR included
  • Co-Op hack included


This is the hidden content, please


It's not easy to get screens of co-op mode by yourself but you can tell by the jumps both p1 and p2 inputs are working.


NES Author's Readme:

Luigi's Chronicles Co-Op feat. Waluigi

The Mushroom Kingdom has been invaded by ghosts... and Mario is gone! Luigi has to go on an adventure to save the Mushroom Kingdom from his greatest fear: zombies, ghosts and killer plants. For no apperent reason, Waluigi has descidied to help him in his endeavours... for  better or worse.  

Luigi's Chronicles was released by Googie back in 2005. 
This 2022 Co-Op version features reworked levels by Nesdraug to make the game easier and beatable with two players. It does not feature multiple endings like Googie's original hack. 

This hack also features:
- Stompable piranha plants
- 50 coins = 1-Up
- Hidden respawnable 1-Ups
- Hidden 10 block coins 

- Unfortunately they did not tag their readme with their handle(s) so you'd have to check romhacking.net for who made this. :lol: one day when I'm fixing other things I'll track down credits for these ups as well.

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