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Fallout 4 Build - Merchant Marauder(survival mode)

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This is a build I've been designing for two days, initially it was a noncombative merchant settlement builder build during the early levels that can survive all the environmental factors just as deadly as bullets in survival mode and that picked up combat perks after level 30 to survive the combat factors of your damage being highly nerfed and opponent damage being highly buffed. I went back to the drawing board and made the build even better at surviving both environmental and combat factors of survival mode as a marauding merchant that is all business in and out of battle, in settlements and in the wilderness.

Synopsis: ever wanted to be a merchant marauding the Commonwealth wasteland and take out baddies you encounter along the way from afar using a long range rifle that's silenced with a suppressor while sneaking and none of them can see you doing all kinds of damage multiplier perks stacking in headshots partially ignoring their armor? Then sell the loot you don't use to become wealthy so that you can buy all the supplies you need to continue your maurading adventures? Being fully capable of building epic settlements, romancing NPCs, setting up supply lines but not having to if simply hunting down antagonists and being super rich from the spoils because it requires no micromanagement and you prefer to wander alone or with Dogmeat? Building a settlement just for the stores to buy food and drinks from and a clinic to cure rad damage, diseases and ailments as a convenience if/when you get around to it?

Build Name: Merchant Marauder

S - 3
P - 7
E - 2
C - 3(4 with You're SPECIAL magazine in the baby's room at Sanctuary, 6 at level 20, 10 at level 50)
I - 3(6 at level 28)
A - 7
L - 3

Level progression roadmap:

1. Rifleman
2. Scrounger(moar ammo)
3. Sneak
4. Sneak II
5. Ninja
6. Scrounger II
7. Bloody Mess
8. Lone Wanderer
9. Rifleman II
10. Bloody Mess II
11. Mister Sandman(because it stacks with Ninja, sneak attack damage and Bloody Mess and Lone Wanderer III with silenced weapons that have a supressor)
12. Sneak III
13. Gun Nut(for the Mister Sandman suppressors and other gun mods)
14. Gun Nut II
15. Charisma +1
16. Ninja II
17. Mister Sandman II
18. Rifleman III
19. Lone Wanderer II
20. Charisma +1
21. Local Leader
22. Local Leader II(to build settlements with stores and workbenches)
23. Sneak IV
24. Medic(to build clinics that cure rad damage, infections and ailments)
25. Gun Nut III(to build advanced settlement defenses)
26. Intelligence +1
27. Intelligence +1
28. Intelligence +1
29. Science! (to build settlement water purifiers, high tech gun mods)
30. Mister Sandman III
31. Rifleman IV
32. Bloody Mess III
33. Ninja III
34. Science! II
35. Science! III(to build advanced settlement defenses)
36. Cap Collector
37. Cap Collector II(much better prices buying and selling)
38. Sneak V
39. Fortune Finder(as a merchant the more caps the merrier)
40. Lone Wanderer III
41. Fortune Finder II
42. Fortune Finder III
43. Fortune Finder IV
45. Charisma +1
46. Charisma +1
47. Rifleman V
48. Bloody Mess IV
49. Charisma +1
50. Charisma +1(max settlers, best prices at vendors)

Note: build works in normal mode, build extra water purifiers because surplus purified water will be stored in your Workshop that you can drink in Survival Mode. Eat crops your settlers grow, build a restaurant to buy food at. Build a clinic to heal rad damage, diseases and ailments. It'll cover all your biological needs in survival mode, the build has the combat survival needs covered. Do not use heavy armor because it's least effective during sneaking, only medium and light armor which are chameleon, muffled, shadowed or cunning. The key to taking out entire groups of enemies is killing them while sneaking and unseen with a silenced rifle from far away without taking any damage yourself. If they manage to detect you, retreat until they lose you sneaking again. Use skirmishing and guerilla tactics, rinsing and repeating until whatever army you're facing is defeated. If you have mines lay them while you sneak in places enemies are likely to walk in pursuing you and then back away sneaking to shoot them from a long distance, not having to retreat if they croak in the explosions. Also, shotguns are rifles that can be suppressed too. Highly effective while sneaking around indoors and in close quarters such as rooms. Rifle and shotgun ammo is readily available for sale at most vendors and commonly found with Scrounger perk. Stock up on mines(buy from vendors, disarm and pick up any you see in VATS). Use the best rifle and shotgun you can loot, find or buy. Use the Gun Nut perk to add a suppressor silencer mod to all your rifles. It is imperative to not visit Drumlin Diner with this build before your Charisma is 6 or above by wearing clothing with +2 CHA and optionally glasses with +1 CHA. Help Wolfgang resolve his conflict with Trudy peacefully by offering to help, do not be sarcastic and do not extort him for caps. He sells large quantities of purified water which makes survival mode much easier. You'll also have an extra vendor to sell your wares to at Drumlin Diner and it's bad for business to kill Wolfgang. In addition, men can wear a dress for +2 CHA if they can't find a suit and you don't mind crossdressing to unlock Wolfgang as a friendly and valueable vendor in survival mode. You'll find clothing in a suitcase in one of the houses at Sanctuary and you can maraud your way to Diamond City to buy clothing before paying Wolfgang a visit at Drumlin Diner with 9 Charisma in fashionable attire. Since your character gets a defense bonus as Lone Wanderer and kills from afar silenced and unseen without taking damage you don't have to rely on armor and can get away with wearing fashionable, business, casual, formal hat attire as a full-time merchant and negotiator in dialog with NPCs who is nice to make friends to do business with. And outfits such as a Surveyor Suit which give you +1 PER for better aim and +1 END for better health, with +1 PER glasses if you're in full-time wastleland maurader collecting loot from baddies you encounter to sell as wares mode. Importantly, wear proper medium armor when you're on a mission to defeat a difficult boss. I'd mostly just wear a suit, fashionable glasses and a formal hat as a full-time merchant and negotiator that's super charismatic and gets insanely good prices from vendors. Part of the Merchant Marauder's main advantage is becoming very wealthy and making friends with NPCs to do business with which provides you plenty of caps for all the water, food and medical supplies you need to survive without the need to set up a fully functional settlement with vendors until you decide to with the fortune in caps you've acquired to buy the materials needed to build a settlement that has every type of store, utility, workbench and advanced settlement defense unlocked to build in Workshop mode. You really don't have to and can survive by being a marauding merchant travelling from vendor to vendor you befriend and encounter in your travels taking note of their location and selling them your wares in exchange for the food, water and medicine you need to stock up on in survival mode. This build can be a travelling merchant marauder if settlement building is not your style and a master settlement builder if you decide to settle down.

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Chameleon on one armor piece, other pieces use muffled and shadowed. This is what I've always used for stealth builds 🙂

I've read that you can have a load of chameleon armor pieces and the effect will stack hence making you less detectable even in full daylight, but I have never tested it myself.

I don't play on PC so the mods available aren't as extensive, no console commands but there are some of mods that provide access to some console commands (usually via pipboy tape or workbenches).

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On 6/9/2022 at 3:33 AM, deadlegion said:

Chameleon on one armor piece, other pieces use muffled and shadowed. This is what I've always used for stealth builds 🙂

I've read that you can have a load of chameleon armor pieces and the effect will stack hence making you less detectable even in full daylight, but I have never tested it myself.

I don't play on PC so the mods available aren't as extensive, no console commands but there are some of mods that provide access to some console commands (usually via pipboy tape or workbenches).

YES! I neglected to mention chameleon pieces! I'll edit OP. We make a great team DL, one of the reasons I consider you an invaluable expert.

As for workbenches, the aforementioned build at level 50 has all the requiremenats to build a fully functional maxed out settlement. Armorer is not essential as a settlement building requirement but the natural progression to make use of all workbenches unlocked by Local Leader II are...

51. Armorer, 52. Amorer II, 53. Armorer III, 54. Armorer IV

To make your armor pieces chameleon, muffled, shadowed or cunning any way you desire.

The next natural progression being adding 1 point in strength for Blacksmith max then Big Leagues maxed out to make full use of the Ninja melee sneak attack damage multiplier. And of course a Shishkebab or Rocket Supersledge added to your inventory and reportoire in case you choose to dispatch opponents by making them mincemeat to save ammo or as a backup if you run out of ammo.

Then raising Endurance for the Chem Resistant perk followed by maxing out Chemist. Chems can easily turn the tide in your favor by giving you an unfair advantage combined with VATS slowing down time and when used in unison with rare and potent chems crafted at a chemstation it results in the annihilation of multiple opponents before they knew what hit them.

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Because chameleon is a legendary effect and you're doing this on PC, you might be able to add chameleon to all armor pieces via mods and still have pieces shadowed (legs muffled) as well?

I'd be interested in how effective the whole combo would be if you're willing to test in full daylight and at night.

I have thought about this in the past but kinda forgot about it until reading this thread. I played this game heaps in the first year or so it was released, from day 1 until well after the last DLC was available. Early on pre-patches it had quite a few exploitable bugs like for ammo/items and power armor frames standing out in the wild would respawn after you have already collected from that location (maybe not all locations were like that though). My first play through I amassed a huge amount of frames from farming respawns plus the "owned" frames I would get from sniping cores in stealth and making enemies jump out of their PA 😆

I have some workbench mods and stuff on XB1 atm so I should see what can be done with the limitations there. I think it might be possible to spawn a chameleon piece, then rip the legendary effect from it and then clone to various pieces... as I said I'd need to check. On PC I'm sure it's much easier to build what you want, less hoops to jump through.

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Addendum: build a tiny settlement with a few settlers that grow carrots and tatos and add a cooking station. Use your rifle skill to hunt any Yao Guai you encounter for their meat. Then cook their meat using a carrot and a tato as ingredients, keep the roasts stocked in your inventory. Eating it will give you a %500 boost to melee damage for an hour, long enough to obliterate bosses and their minions during missions. If becoming overpowered after level 50 is a priority to you, start adding Big Leagues perks and find a Supersledge.

This is the hidden content, please

This is the hidden content, please

On 6/9/2022 at 2:51 AM, Dill said:

Don't forget that this build's Ninja perks heavily multiply melee damage when sneaking.


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Addendum 2: There is lake to the Southwest of Drumlin Diner, you'll encounter a long concrete bridge along the way there that frequently respawns Raiders, Gunners and Supermutants you can take out for their loot to sell at Drumlin Diner(sometimes a mine spawns you can detect in VATS to deactivate and pick up). Which generates a lot of profit and gives you all the caps you need to stock up on food and ammo from Trudy and filtered water from Wolfgang. Near the end of that bridge is Sunshine Tidings Co-op which you can use as a settlement to grow your own food and buy building materials from Trudy to upgrade it. You'll encounter Trashcan Carla on the way to and from the long concrete bridge, to buy more than Trudy has in stock and sell your loot to, it's a rest stop along her route. To maximize profit from doing business with Carla, Trudy and Wolfgang sell them all ammo that isn't .308 for your rifle or shells for your shotgun and sell all weapons that don't use rifle or shotgun ammo you collect as loot. At Sunshine Tidings Co-op you'll see a windmill atop a highway overpass, move toward the right of it and you'll see a Gunner guarding an elevator, take the elevator up after defeating the Gunner, enter sneaking mode on the way up because you'll encounter two Gunners at the top. Defeat them and grab the loot inside a trunk. Move toward the windmill and you'll find a weapon workshop to add silencer suppressor mods to your rifles, it completes the build's unseen and unheard marauder design without having to build a settlement to build a weapon workstation. If you need a bed you can rest at Gorski Cabin directly West of Drumlin Diner after you defeat a couple of feral ghouls located there. Merchant Marauder doesn't have to build settlements if it's not your style and can as a master builder if it is your style. In addition, you can take Lockpicking and Hacking perks to give bosses on a mission no doors to hide behind and no escape from being obliterated by your overpowered melee stealth ninja skills by hunting bears for their meat to cook it and receive a 500% melee damage bonus for 1 hour by eating it cooked after level 50.

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Addendum 3: along your way to and from Drumlin Diner and Sunshine Tidings Co-Op you'll occassionay encounter Kat as a vendor to sell loot to. There's also a cabin with scavengers near Drumlin Diner to sell loot to. There are vendors galore along the Drumlin Diner area to stock up on supplies in survival mode, it's a vendor hub for a merchant character that travels to and from Sunshine Tidings to there and that frequents the area using roads to travel along. I recommend not talking to Preston Garvey in survival mode, you only need one settlement with Sunshine Tidings being your base of operations and stalking the area to farm loot from frequently respawning enemies. The problem with helping Preston is unlocking Sanctuary and other settlements, which you'll find distracting and bothersome when you have to defend a settlement far away or at the other side of the map in survival mode with no fast travel. Talking to Preston and helping the Minutemen should be lowest priority and reserved for the endgame stage. Concentrate on being a maurauding merchant to become overpowered by hunting bears that spawn along the long concrete bridge at Sunshine Tidings for their meat to cook and eat for a 500% bonus to melee damage for 1 hour. Do not waste your time which is money with Preston until you want to do missions that give you XP at high levels to make yourself more powerful at the end of the game, and don't stick around Sanctuary for long after you collect that location's loot. Once you have a good selection of muffled armor and a good rifle you modded with a suppressor silencer(there is a weapons workstation at the Gunner camp atop a highway overpass close to Sunshine Tidings if you haven't built one at Sunshine Tidings, without a silenced rifle the attacking unseen and unheard build is not complete) from loot you keep and don't sell, make your way to Mystic Pines that's about a three settlement distance from Drumlin Diner and grab the Junktown Vendor magazine found there for better prices at vendors.

This is the hidden content, please

You'll probably encounter tough enemies along the way, always scope out and cycle through targets to attack the hardest target first to progressively make the battle easier, be especially wary of the Raider with a nuke missile launcher in power armor guarding a bridge between two buildings. Do sneak damage with rifle and if it doesn't kill him in one hit run away then return to hit him sneaking again. There is a Behemoth nearby, hit him from above by climbing an adjacent building or sneak and lay all the mines in your inventory between you and the Behemoth, back away and shoot him sneaking with the rifle; he won't survive all the mine explosions trying to chase you if you're detected(pick up unexploded mines once after he croaks). It never hurts to take Dogmeat with you as a distraction, he doesn't count as a companion with Lone Wanderer perk. Visit Red Rocket Truck Stop and make friends with a canine buddy before venturing outside the Sunshine Tidings and Drumlin Diner area. Finally and not least is optimizing the build's deadliness by using a double barrel shotgun indoors and in close quarters such as rooms, it fills up your critical meter faster than any other weapon and it's critically important for a marauding merchant to sell free cans of 100% whoopass. Add a suppressor mod to complete build's attacking unseen and unheard design. I have nothing further to add for now, thank you for taking the time to read a build's full description. Pro soldiers should be briefed in detail. Happy adventuring!

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Addendum 5: after playtesting I noticed that marauding the Sunshine Tidings area you'll encounter many enemies behind cover and uneven ground making you waste action points and not getting the full number of attacks in on multiple opponents by cycling through them and targeting each one individually. It became apparent that the build was not 100% efficient for survival mode combat's rigors. I reached level 54 and added the following after level 50 to make Merchant Marauder sell free cans of 100% whoopass as generously as possible:

51. Perception +1, 52. Perception +1, 53. Penetrator, 54.  Penetrator II(no reduction in accuracy when attacking enemies behind cover)

I also want to mention how to farm loot most effectively in the Sunshine Tidings/Drumlin Diner area. Build a full bed at Sunshine Tidings(not a sleeping bag). Rest two hours minimum, then follow this route. Head toward the long concrete bridge at Sunshine Tidings, take out anything that spawns in the forest next to it for loot. Then cross the bridge, take the road left and you'll see a road to the left nearby, travel up the road and to your left you'll see a camping site that respawns enemies and dead campers with a dufflebag to loot a lot of stuff from. Travel back the way you came from and continue travelling along the road you were previously on in the direction of a nearby bus. At the end of that road take a left travelling toward Concord, continue travelling until you reach another respawning campsite. There is a red tool chest that respawns loot there. You'll see a bus nearby, there is a green Old Chest next to a car full of a lot of rare and expensive junk respawning there. Go inside the bus, there's a first aid container that respawns medical supplies there. Next travel down the road the bus is on until you find another respawning camp, there is a suitcase with respawning loot there. Get back on the road and travel toward Drumlin Diner. If you become overburdened give loot to Dogmeat to carry. Sell the loot you don't want to keep to the vendors in the area then travel back to Sunshine Tidings. Store all the free rare junk you collected from the Old Chest in your workshop. Store all the loot you want to keep in the first aid container next to it. Rest then rinse and repeat to PWN with this build in survival mode. To avoid rad storm damage sit at the chair in the barn where the workshop is at Sunshine Tidings or at a stool in Drumlin Diner and wait 1 hour. Buy Radaway if you're out of it. You'll find plenty of free Radaway in the bus with the first aid container. By using that route you'll also gain a steady amount of XP to level up. Trashcan Carla sells clothing that raises your CHA and plenty of junk you can use to build the generator and settlement recruitment beacon to recruit one settler and then turn the beacon off. To build a clinic so you can cure rad damage, infections and ailments in survival mode.

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I decided to post this here since it's a female fork that's not a merchant at first but is a marauder that becomes a merchant.


This build is for survival mode, it unlocks all the DLC workshop objects, Automatron robot upgrades and all the regular objects/power armor stations. Has natural armor when wearing clothing or nude equivalent to Kellogg's outfit armor(30 Ballistic and 30 Energy) and since she's female does extra damage to Kellogg with Black Widow perk as his nemesis. Her playstyle is like the Merchant Marauder, attacks unseen and unheard with a silenced rifle from afar. 

Build name: Mistress Marauder

Follower: MacCready (for companion perk headshots with rifle)

Base of Operations: Sunshine Tidings Co-Op

Starting points:

S - 3
P - 6(7 with Perception Bobblehead)
E - 4
C - 3
I - 3
A - 6(7 with You're SPECIAL magazine located at Sanctuary)
L - 3

Level perk progression roadmap:

!. Rifleman
2. Bloody Mess
3. Sneak
4. Lead Belly
5. Sneak II
6. Lead Belly II
7. Toughness
8. Refractor
9. Toughness II
10. Rifleman II
11. Refractor II
12. Sneak III
13. Gun Nut
14. Armorer
15. Gun Nut II
16. Armorer II
17. Ninja
18. Ninja II
19. Toughness III
20. Lead Belly III
21. Refractor III
22. Endurance +1
23. Mister Sandman
24. Sneak IV
25. Gun Nut III
26. Armorer III
27. Mister Sandman II
28. Black Widow
29. Bloody Mess II
30. Mister Sandman III
31. Rifleman III
32. Bloody Mess III
33. Ninja III
34. Lone Wanderer
35. Lone Wanderer II
36. Rifleman IV
37. Aquagirl
38. Sneak V
39. Armorer IV
40. Lone Wanderer III
41. Gun Nut IV
42. Charisma +1
43. Charisma +1
44. Charisma +1
45. Local Leader
46. Black Widow II
47. Bloody Mess IV
48. Local Leader II
49. Medic
50. Intelligence +1
51. Hacker
52. Hacker II
53. Hacker III
54. Hacker IV
55. Locksmith
56. Locksmith II
57. Locksmith III
58. Locksmith IV
59. Strength +1
60. Blacksmith
61. Charisma +1
62. Animal Friend
63. Charisma +1
64. Inspirational
65. Charisma +1
66. Wasteland Whisperer
67. Luck +1
68. Intelligence +1
69. Intelligence +1
70. Intelligence +1
71. Intelligence +1
72. Intelligence +1
73. Robotics Expert
74. Robotics Expert II
75. Robotics Expert III
76. Blacksmith II
77. Blacksmith III
78. Demolition's Expert
79. Science!
80. Science! II
81. Science! III
82. Science! IV
83. Intelligence +1
84. Nuclear Physicist
85. Nuclear Physicist II
86. Nuclear Physicist III
87. Strength +1
88. Strength +1
89. Strength +1
90. Strength +1
100. Strength +1
101. Strength +1
102. Pain Train
103. Pain Train II
104. Pain Train III
105. Life Giver
106. Life Giver II
107. Life Giver III
108. Endurance +1
109. Endurance +1
110. Endurance +1
111. Endurance +1
112. Ghoulish
113. Ghoulish II
114. Ghoulish III
115. Ghoulish IV
116. Blitz
117. Blitz II
118. Big Leagues
119. Big Leagues II
120. Big Leagues III
121. Big Leagues IV
122. Big Leagues V
123. Luck +1
124. Perception +1
125. Sniper
126. Sniper II
127. Sniper III
128. Perception +1
129. Penetrator
130. Penetrator II
131. Luck +1
132. Better Criticals
133. Better Criticals II
134. Better Criticals III
135. Luck +1
136. Critical Banker
137. Critical Banker II
138. Critical Banker III
139. Critical Banker IV 
140. Strong Back
141. Strong Back II
142. Fortune Finder
143. Fortune Finder II
144. Fortune Finder III
145. Fortune Finder IV
146. Cap Collector
147. Cap Collector II
!48. Cap Collector III
149. Scrapper
150. Scrapper II
151. Scrapper III
152. Scrounger
153. Scrounger II
154. Scrounger III
155. Scrounger IV
156. Black Widow III
157. Charisma +1
158. Intimidation
159. Intimidation II
160. Intimidation III
161. Endurance +1
163. Solar Powered
164. Solar Powered II
165. Solar Powered III
166. Night Person
167. Might Person II
166. Night Person III
168. VANS
169. VANS II
170. Perception +1
171. Attack Dog
172. Attack Dog II
173. Atack Dog III
174. Attack Dog IV
175. Toughness IV
176. Refractor IV
177. Inspirational
178. Inspirational II
179. Inspirational III
180. Lone Wandarer III
181. Action Girl
182. Aquagirl II


Pick up Bobbleheads to raise your stat points to 11, every other perk is not essential to the build...

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  • Banned changed the title to Fallout 4 Build - Merchant Marauder(survival mode)

This is yet another fork that uses the same sneak, lay mines, back away sneaking and then blast them from afar style of play except its mines are max explosives and does max damage with Fat Man and a missile launcher. Uses a rifle when there are no more nukes to launch and in close quarters such as indoors where you might get caught in the explosion. It forgoes settlement building in lieu of all out maximum damage, is still a merchant cap collector that sells ammo, weapons and loot not going to be used and is technically a pure merchant marauder in survival mode. You can refer to the OP for the settlement building perks, raise your agility and charisma first for the silenced rifle attacking unseen and unheard perks after level 50.

Build Name: Einstein

Companion: MacCready for headshot with rifle perk

Base of operations: Sunshine Tidings Co-Op

S - 5
P - 5
E - 4(5 with You're SPECIAL magazine located in Sanctuary)
C - 1
I - 9
A - 1(3 at level 24)
L - 3

1. Nuclear Physicist
2. Demolition Expert
3. Heavy Gunner
4. Bloody Mess
5. Gun Nut
6. Toughness
7. Science!
8. Aquaboy
9. Bloody Mess II
10. Demolition Expert II
11. Heavy Gunner
12. Cap Collector
13. Gun Nut II
14. Nuclear Physicist II
15. Lead Belly
16. Lead Belly II
17. Lead Belly III
18. Toughness II
19. Science! II
20. Cap Collector II
21. Heavy Gunner III
22. Rifleman
23. Agility +1
24. Agility +1
25. Gun Nut III
26. Sneak
27. Rifleman II
28. Sneak II
29. Sneak III
30. Sneak IV
31. Toughness III
32. Bloody Mess III
33. Rifleman III
34. Demolition Expert III
35. Heavy Gunner
36. Rifleman IV
37. Science! III
38. Sneak V
39. Gun Nut IV
40. Science! IV
41. Toughness IV
42. Scrounger
43. Scrounger II
44. Scrounger III
45. Scrounger IV
46. Rifleman V
47. Heavy Gunner IV
48. Bloody Mess IV
49. Toughness V
50. Fortune Finder

Given that this is a fork of a fork named Einstein, I recommend this unique cryogenic brainiac mutation with this build:

Or, you can use this variant to nuke and not be nuked when trading explosions with opponents also using nuclear weapons.

player.setav intelligence 10000
player.forceav radresistexposure 9000
setgs fJumpHeightMin 135
player.addtofaction 00058305 1
player.addperk 0004c92d
player.addperk 00024afd
player.addperk 00024af


Save as nuka.txt, then place the TXT file in the Fallout 4 install folder. In the game press the ~ key and type in bat nuka then press ENTER.

Set your intelligence to 1 at character creation for extra points in other stats, use them to raise your charisma so that you can settle the argument between Wolfgang and Trudy at Drumlin Diner. He sells large quantities of purified water and killing him is bad for business in survival mode. Also, if you want to hang out where there are plenty of supermutants and camps visit the Bunker Hill area.

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