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Debug Utilities Released & Trophy Hack being Released Tomorrow!


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So today,

This is the hidden content, please
, who infamously made "that" Harry Potter Dump (however, they have put some serious work into the scene before and after this incident) has released

, a nifty little tweak (that has been confirmed working) to your PS Vita where you can find out Title IDs, as well as deleting savedata from a game and/or its additional content. However,
This is the hidden content, please
has created a
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that they will
This is the hidden content, please
that will unlock all trophies for a game, of course using this tweak could risk in a ban, so once it is released, users are advised to use at their own risk.

Users that would like to test the Trophy Tool once it is released, but do not want to risk a ban on their main account, could create another account and use the

This is the hidden content, please
(Link goes to a Wololo thread, with tutorial and download link)

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