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If you're using mods for PC games Nexus has a vast archive of mods but Nexus Mod Manager is a buggy piece of crap that not only stops working but screws up the load order and causes conflicts by not detecting them, it also does not detect redundant mods which causes conflicts. Please use Mod Organizer 2 instead, it detects problems and conflicts in your mod list, is bug free, has a plugin to select which mods you want to use as well as displaying any missing dependencies, errors or conflicts and backs up your list of selected mods. Then it has a launch button to start the game with your selected mods as well as counts how many mods you're using.

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For example, my game was crashing with 109 mods. Having been lazy with troubleshooting the mess NMM made before I stopped using it I hadn't sorted my mod list. Not only did Mod Organizer make removing mods with missing dependencies easy, it detected problems with the official Fallout 4 in-game mods and Nexus mods. It detected mods I had installed a long time ago that I liked and were working but disabled which I enabled. Now my mod list is errorless, went from bugged out with 109 mods because of NMM having more bugs than an anthill to working properly with 145 mods. Nexus mods can be downloaded by Mod Organizer directly with the app or with a browser manually and imported into Mod Organizer manually, the mods are awesome but DO NOT USE NMM.

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4 hours ago, deadlegion said:

Didn't they replace NMM with something else? I don't use PC mods but I'm sure I recall something like that going on.

Vortex, which is just as bad because it stops working and the only fix is a reinstall.

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25 minutes ago, deadlegion said:

Ah yeah that's it, just couldn't remember the name but was sure it was different.

Vortex is great as a diagnostic tool to sort your mod list and I have it installed, it just doesn't work as a mod manager because it has bugs which haven't been fixed yet. Mod Organizer 2 does not have the same fancy interface but it marks problems with mods with an icon using a simplistic GUI. Less advanced users would also find Mod Organizer user friendly by comparison and easier to learn because Vortex is much more complex. I think the Vortex devs are too busy with its advanced features, diagnostics and GUI to make it stable enough to use which defeats the purpose of using it because while Mod Organizer is simplistic and Spartan in design by comparison it's stable without bugs and gets the job done without all the bells and whistles Vortex has.

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On 6/9/2022 at 8:41 PM, Ravenstorm said:

Yeah when I jumped on Fallout 4 I noticed how much better Vortex was and so glad I did. It's so much more convenient.

I was impressed by Vortex with its GUI and advanced diagnostic tools to help you detect conflicts and errors in your mod list to keep your game running smoothly. It is not perfect yet and has bugs, the worst being the game not loading any mods when it's launched by Vortex. It happens infrequently but when it does it's harder to fix than NMM. NMM can be fixed by a complete uninstall and reinstall then manually having to reactive/reinstall every mod on your list. When Vortex stops working you'll have to use WISE uninstaller to remove registry errors, restart Windows and use a registry cleaning app because the Vortex suddenly not working problem is caused by registry errors. Which becomes tedious and made me search for an alternative and I switched over to Mod Organizer 2. It not only has never stopped working it detects mods installed by the official in-app store to find the ones causing errors or conflics. I do use Vortex as the most advanced diagnostic tool to help me sort my mod list but I'm not giving it another chance to stop working by using it as a mod manager until the devs are finished with the GUI and diagnostic tools begin addressing the bug issues, I don't like severe registry errors and I despise Windows for having one.

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Vortex saves me a lot of headache with conflicts, especially with No Man's Sky which just loves to make half my mods worthless after a forced update on Steam. Nice to be able to just go to the page and update and Vortex removes the old ones for me with a few clicks.

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