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Super Perky Fallout Pets


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If you're like me you might find the Wasteland Workshop DLC critters you capture to be just another defense interchangeable with an advanced laser turret. There is a mod called Beast Master that allows you to tame creatures you capture with cages which scale with your level and can be outfitted with gear. You can also see its stats and its happiness. Using the getav console commands on a mirelurk pet I noted it had average stats with a super high 20 endurance. So what I did is set all its stats to 20, used Kellogg's hit point per level formula to determine its base HP in addition to its natural max hit point total, made it regenerate outside of combat at an accelerated rate, made it highly resistant to every damage type except acid and cryo to give it weaknesses which make it killable and a realistic legendary Kaiju, made it 50% faster, gave it immense carrying capacity to match its strength and hooked it up with every perk a pet can use including Adamantium Skeleton. If you'd like to try the Beast Master mod and want a super perky pet...

[UPDATE: now provides 50 beds, never build a bed for your settlers again]

Open up Notepad then copy and paste the following into it:

setav strength 20
setav perception 20
setav endurance 20
setav charisma 20
setav intelligence 20
setav agility 20
setav luck 20
forceav damageresist 9000
forceav energyresist 9000
forceav poisonresist 9000
forceav fireresist 9000
forceav radresist 9000
forceav speedmult 150.00
modav carryweight 9000
modav actionpoints 2000
modav health 3450
forceav healrate 10
addperk 0004c92d
addperk 00024afd
addperk 00024afe
addperk 0004d8a7
addperk 001d2484
addperk 001d2485
addperk 0004d886
addperk 00065e37
addperk 00065e38
addperk 001d247c
addperk 001d247d
addperk 001d247e
addperk 000e36f9
addperk 001d247a
addperk 001d247f
addperk 001d2480
addperk 001d2482
addperk 0001dafe
addperk 0001daff
addperk 0001db00
addperk 00065e42
addperk 00065e43
addperk 0006a0b5
addperk 000e36fc
addperk 00065e05
addperk 00065e22
addperk 00065e23
addperk 00084290
setav 334 50

Save it as godzilla.txt and place that TXT file in the Fallout 4 install folder. Load up the game and press the ~ key, use the mouse pointer to click on pet then type bat godzilla  in the console and press Enter. Do not dismiss it or its stats will reset and you'll have to make it perky again, if you want to deactivate Kaiju mode dismiss it.

Beast Master mod:

This is the hidden content, please

Place in Red Reborn to enable achievements with mods and to play vanilla with mods:

This is the hidden content, please

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You can also create a super perky mutant Automatron with human gear equipped. Create a bipedal Automatron(must be bipedal), access the robot's inventory then press ~ and then use the setrace human command after clicking on it with the mouse cursor in console mode. Equip it with whatever legendary gear you have to spare that humans can wear, use the above godzilla mode for pets on it then use the setrace mutant console command on it to make it a robot again. Though it's a mutant robot, whatever that is because it uses human gear and is a triple hybrid. That can be done in vanilla without any mods if you have the Automatron DLC.

Note: after some testing do not outfit the Automatron with a sentry head. It has a spotlight that is overwhelmingly intense in robot/human/mutant triple hybrid form and slows the game down immensely when you are in it after you load a saved game. It must be bipedal and not use a sentry head.

Update: use setrace synth command on Automatrons, it does not give them a game fuxoring spotlight when you load game.

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