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Your Favorite Fallout 4 Gear Loadout


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What gear do you like best? Mine is mostly raider because the pieces are readily available and the upgrade materials are not rare:

Leaded Medium Raider Chest Piece(Rad resistance, good armor rating and less weight than heavy which lets you carry more stuff)

Leaded Heavy Raider Left Arm(Heavy armor rating but less heavy than a chest piece, rad resistance)

Leaded Heavy Raider Right Arm(Rad Resistance)

Leaded Heavy Raider Left Leg(Rad Resistance)

Leaded Heavy Raider Right Leg(Rad Resistance)

Vault 111 Jumpsuit(Rad Resistance)

Miner Helmet(has a spotlight)

Glasses(of any kind to get +1 CHA for one more settler max or +1 PER to improve your aim in VATS.

Rifle and shotgun of any kind for long range and close range blasting with Rifleman perk using readily available ammo from containers, bodies and found in most vendor inventories.

Melee weapon of any kind with Big Leagues and Blitz perks to save ammo by dispatching attackers without guns in addition to having a backup weapon if you run out of ammo.

Power armor helm with two mods using Nuclear Physicist III perk, Recon sensors to detect living targets and HUD to detect the dead to loot their corpses, you don't want to miss out on legendary items in vanilla or survival mode.

(Another benefit to using raider armor is that you can have several sets with different loadouts stored in containers and in your inventory by collecting them without having to craft them from scratch. You can mod the pieces and equip your settlers with upgraded armor using common and readily available materials.)



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I was seriously uncreative and mostly used a pistol silencer and a baseball/taser bat (think that's what it was) with the Silver Shroud armor. Used whatever weapon I could find if I had left over ammo. I never even used my power armor lol I was too lazy to power it and repair it constantly. I beat the entire game like that.

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