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How the hell do I log in or sign up???

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1 hour ago, Freshbrood said:

Got it. I had to make this post first. 


Terrible site layout.

You're using a phone.

I'm surprised you haven't encountered issues like this before with other sites. Even ebay doesn't have proper full functionality if you use a phone (eg sellers don't get notifications about messages from buyers and/or offers etc).

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Yeah sorry, phone development is hard. It's kinda a wiled west of what your phone is and what it supports in the way of browsers and such.
This might be a Invision Community Forum issue rather then an NGR issue as well. Sadly we are short staffed and not all staff can view or edit some things so I am unable to see if this is an NGR or ICF issue...
And on top of that I'm old and don't really use my phone outside of being a phone and most of NGR users are phone users which is wiled to me... Anyways, on android you might want to try

This is the hidden content, please
. It's a full ver of google chrome compiled for android so the desktop mode is actually the same as the normal desktop browser. I've only really used it for running full desktop plugins like ublock origin on it though..

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